Frequently Asked Pest Control Questions

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Can I treat for pest issues myself?

There are many preventative measures that can be done to reduce pest issues. There are some over the counter products that can work occasionally, but the label is the law on these pesticides! If you violate the instructions you are liable to face severe consequences. We are always happy to provide information to help out!

How can I avoid bedbugs while traveling?

Check the mattress tufts, boxspring folds, headboard, frame and pictures for any signs of bed bugs like blood spots or eggs. Keep your luggage on the luggage rack (after making sure it has no signs of bed bugs). Don’t store your luggage on the bed or floor. Hang clothes that can be hung and avoid storing any clothes in a dresser. Check travel reviews before visiting a hotel and be careful of those with multiple reports of bed bugs.

How can I prevent spiders in my home?

Regularly remove webs and spiders via vacuuming, knock down all webs and egg sacs from the exterior of your home, cut back any vegetation 1-2 feet from any structure, remove clutter inside and outside of your home.

How can I get rid of ants in my kitchen?

This can be tricky, depending on which type of ant you are dealing with. Some ants can be controlled with bait placements, as some others will take a more in-depth approach, such as following the trail back to the nesting site to make an application.

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